At Ultra Home Watch, we understand the importance of your Florida home and are committed to helping protect your investment. Whether you own a home, cottage, condo, villa, park model or manufactured home we offer peace of mind through routine visual interior and exterior inspections of your home in your absence.
Definition of Home Watch – The visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.

Problems can arise at any time such as roof leaks, wind damage, vandalism, pest infestation, plumbing leaks, appliance failures and mold. Routine inspections of your home can help prevent or mitigate these problems from escalating into costly expenses.  We offer thorough customized visual home inspections weekly, bi-weekly or monthly based on your needs.  Inspections reports will be sent to you upon completion.  If a problem should occur you will be notified immediately and we can work with you and trusted local service providers to resolve the issue.

Advantages of a professional home watch service

Many absentee homeowners rely on friends and neighbors to look after their homes in their absence.  However, many are not qualified, don’t have the time, may feel imposed upon and really don’t want the responsibility of someone else’s home.

A professional home watch service acts as an advocate for the homeowner, always looking out for their best interests .   Although it is not a security service, the visible presence of someone in an empty home may act as a crime deterrent.

Why Hire An Accredited Home Watch Company?

Why Choose Ultra Home Watch?

Ultra Home Watch is owned and operated by Greg and Kerry Baker.  Greg’s 40 plus years in the construction business and Kerry’s years conducting health and safety inspections of hotels, apartments, condos and vacation homes for the St of FL make them uniquely qualified to perform visual inspections of your home.  They are both extremely detail oriented, great communicators, reliable and trustworthy.  They perform all home watch inspections themselves.  Customer service is their top priority and they look forward to serving you.


ACCREDITED members of the National Home Watch Association